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We bring very different skill sets to our training sessions, providing the perfect complement for your team’s growth.

Elyzabeth's Workhsops

Elyzabeth is a theater director trained in Viewpoints and Boal techniques, with a focus on classical theater. In addition to dozens of New York productions and script development workshops based on Viewpoints and Boal, she ran workshops with improv actors to help strengthen group dynamic and improve ensemble storytelling.

Her love of Shakespeare brought her to research at the Folger Library, guest lecture at New York University, and earned the Gielgud Fellowship for Classical Directors.

Elyzabeth’s favorite workshop, however, was with the congregants of St. Paul Community Baptist Church in East New York, as they prepared for the MAAFA, a performance to mark the experience of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Photo: Rod Ben Zeev

Shea's Workshops

Shea specializes in a form of interactive theatre in which the audience member is given the power as the star of the show. The unique style incorporates a skill set of naturalistic improvisation, storytelling, and social psychology.

Shea takes over 15 years experience with this work, including 5 years leading an interactive ensemble in New York City, and provides trainings throughout Europe for actors and non-actors alike.

He has conducted over 30 workshops in the Netherlands, from teaching English through improv to students in Doetinchem to training members of C3 Church Amsterdam how to release their creativity.

Shea also crafted and led workshops for IT professionals entitled “How to Read People” and “How to Disarm Sexism in Tech”.