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With more than three decades combined experience as artists and makers, we provide a skill set that spans multiple mediums.


A writer and a research junkie with a focus on history and culture, Elyzabeth has experience in technical, marketing, and creative copy, with projects ranging from grant proposals to travel clickbait to scripts. Her love of grammar and working with writers makes her adore every type of editing.

Personal Projects:

  • Ask a Badass (a section within Badass Tours), an advice column answered by history’s hidden women
  • Margaret I, a verse play about the women of the War of the Roses
  • Loretto, a novel about a Civil War veteran in Sante Fe
  • The Beautiful Game, a novel about growing up with the last six World Cups
  • What Cannot Be Undone, a novella about medieval PTSD and Lady Macbeth

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Shea specializes in a unique style of interactive performance which aims to remind adults of the power of play. He founded Playing with Reality, a New York-based theatre company that performed over 150 shows in which audience members were stars. Each story and world were crafted in real time, allowing the star to play to the hilt.

Interactive work within the Netherlands includes:

  • Consulting and performing on various cutting-edge theatrical performances and events
  • Creating and curating an experimental interactive performance lab at Amsterdam’s MEZRAB Cultural Center
  • Developing projects to engage and empower the local community


From traditional storytelling in front of an enraptured audience to immersive storytelling formats that move with the audience, Shea and Elyzabeth know how to surprise and inspire.

They have crafted live stories for everything from site-specific plays to corporate events.

They also have experience with storytelling for radio, film, podcasts, museums, and VR.

Whatever your storytelling needs, we’ve got you covered.